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Welcome to Dubnica

The town Dubnica nad Váhom is situated in the basin of the Váh river, in a charming country of Central Považie, which is surrounded by White Carpathians and Strážov hills.


The evidence of the first settlement comes from the Stone Age. Slavic tribes settled this area at the end of 5th century and the beginning of 6th century. A settlement with pottery from post Great Moravian period in Kvasovec locality and two settlements of Slavic ancestors in Hustikom locality (Velky Kolacin) were found.


Dubnica does not have any attractions or services which would allure tourists and make full use of accommodation facilities. Development perspectives of tourism depend on the use of natural beauties in town's surroundings which belong to the most beautiful in Slovakia.

Cultural monuments

St Jacob's baroque church (1754) - The first record of church's existence comes from Esztergom canonry document from 1276. The church had been gothic and then it was adjusted to baroque style in 1754.

Cultural activity

All projects on the field of culture are organized by cultural department of the Town office. The office organises wide range of cultural and social events and cooperates with professional art agencies, regional cultural institutions, art schools and amateur cultural societies.


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