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Cultural activity

All projects on the field of culture are organized by cultural department of the Town office. The office organises wide range of cultural and social events and cooperates with professional art agencies, regional cultural institutions, art schools and amateur cultural societies. The agencies organize mainly theatrical performances, concerts and entertaining programs. CulturalThe department of culture uses its own resources as well as offers from regional cultural institutions and civil associations. Partnership with Elementary art schools in Dubnica nad Vahom and Nova Dubnica enables the Cultural department to provide various ceremonial programs for Mother's Day, Father's Day, audience of blood donors, best athletes, students etc.

The department cooperates also with elementary and nursery schools on preparation of numerous seminars and presentations. Folk and craft exhibitions are important part of Dubnica's cultural life. The most popular are Easter and Christmas expositions and Market of artistic crafts which take place in Dubnica's Courthouse. The help of Regional Cultural centres in Trencin and Povazska Bystrica are essential for existence of these exhibitions. The centres supply folk craftsmen and help with district and regional competitions and parades. The cultural department cooperates with all Dubnica's folk groups particularly on production of occasional concerts such as Christmas concert or concert during the Month of respect to older people.

The department of culture covers tasks connected with preparation, production and distribution of Dubnica's newspaper. The newspaper is pressed once a month and distributed for free according to town's distribution list.

Dubnica's Folk Festival is one of the greatest cultural events in Dubnica. It takes place at the end of August and it has international participation. About twenty Slovak and foreign groups attend the Festival every year. Many associated events such as Market of artistic crafts, Dubnica's fair and other exhibitions take place. Mikulas Senka award is also part of the Festival. Dubnica's citizens as well as people from surroundings are interested in the Festival and visit rate is always very high. The fourteenth annual festival will take place in 2007.

Concerts and entertaining programs

Concerts organized in Dubnica nad Vahom usually take place in small and large salons of Dubnica's courthouse, sport hall or St Jacob's Church. Dubnica's musical summer is a musical festival which takes place during July and August. Although people's interest in the festival used to be small it is increasing now. The musical summer focus mainly on brass bands (Nemsovanka, Sedmarovka, Klub D with Maria Baginova, Vlcovanska etc.), but bands playing different genres (folk, classical music) are also presented. Because of people's little interest in classical music, the number of concerts has been reduced. Organizers are now trying to find possibilities to revive this genre in the festival. There are approximately 10 concerts of classical music, 8 promenade concerts, 2 entertaining programs and 2 pop music concerts organized in the town during a year.


The theatrical activity is organized in cooperation with prominent theatres (Theatre in Trnava, Town Theatre Zilina, CulturalRadosinske naivne divadlo), art agencies, small theatres performing in neighbour towns (Theatre Pod vezou Ilava, Theatre group Stupne, TG Mala muza Ilava, theatre Kolomaz)and using of Dubnica's own resources (Elementary schools, High schools, Elementary art schools, TG of Historical society of J.B. Magin). The visit rate of Dubnica's theatre performances is approximately 5000 viewers a year.


There are educational, thematic, sales, art and other exhibitions regularly organized by the town. The greatest interest is usually in Christmas and Easter exhibitions.


Dubnica's cinema screens in six days playing profile for the whole year. The average visit rate is about 10000 viewers a year.

Other events

  • Children carnival
  • The Earth Day
  • The Celebration of Liberation
  • International Children's day
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Dubnica's Slavik (singing competition)
  • Dubnica's academy
  • Work feast celebration
  • Easter comes
  • Terry fox run
  • Academy in cooperation with nursery and elementary schools

Spiritually-cultural town life

The Roman-Catholic church in Dubnica, which is professed by 20000 citizens, has undoubtedly big deal on spiritual and cultural life in the town. Dubnica's parish is now administered by Salesians of Don Bosco, who have been in Dubnica since 1969. Their pastoral activity consists of church services, Eucharist, organizing of pilgrimages on September 8th and 14th. They are responsible for religious education at schools, teaching young people in Catholic House, parish charity and covering of different religious societies in the parish. They cooperate with nuns- Daughters of Virgin Mary the Helper (Salesians), Satmarians and with DOMKA (Salesian youth society)


Kite flying
Children camps

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