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Foundation and development of the town

The evidence of the first settlement comes from the Stone Age. Slavic tribes settled this area at the end of 5th century and the beginning of 6th century. A settlement with pottery from post Great Moravian period in Kvasovec locality and two settlements of Slavic ancestors in Hustikom locality (Velky Kolacin) were found.

DubnicaThe oldest written record of Dubnica is included in a document from 1193. It is written that Dubnica is a heritable property of brothers Vratislav and Piskin. The next record comes from 1276 when Samson and Jacob, sons of Cepka (Vratislav's son) sold Dubnica to their sister's husband Oltuman. The document is significant because of the record of a church devoted to St Jacob the apostle. Only a few towns have record of the existence of a church and its inauguration from 13th century.

When Dubnica stopped being a yeoman village and the property of Oltuman's offspring is unknown. Historians assume that the Oltuman family died out in the 15th century because they know that Dubnica was a property of Trencin Manorial estate from 1439 to the end of feudal era.

At the end of 16th century a count Stefan Illeshazy bought Trencin estate (including Dubnica) from Rudolph II for 201 065 thalers.

Dubnica from 1989 to present

There was a complete change of a social system in 1989 which of course influenced Dubnica as well. Most citizens resisted the dictate of the Communistic Party and a coordination committee UPN was created in the town.

DubnicaResults of the first post-revolutionary election of town representatives:
9 members of the Green Party, 9 members of the Christian Democratic Movement, 8 members of the Slovak National Party, 6 members of the Public Against Violence and 1 member of the Communist Party of Slovakia. Juraj Červinka became a mayor. There were 133 registered candidates for communal elections and 8 candidates for mayor elections in 1998. Ing Stefan Stefanec won the mayor election. Since 1991 town's businessmen have been successfully expanding trade network. The town has reacted by creating of good business conditions. Nowadays Dubnica is the largest town in Ilava district and economic centre of the region. Almost all district offices and branches of commercial banks reside here. The town registers about 1900 enterprises. There are well developed stores and warehouses network (Billa, Fix, Tesco, Lidl) as well as good services in the town.

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