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Welcome to Dubnica

The town Dubnica nad Váhom is situated in the basin of the Váh river, in a charming country of Central Považie, which is surrounded by White Carpathians and Strážov hills.

DubnicaThe records of the oldest settlements of Dubnica date back to the early Stone Age. The eldest written record is a document of 1193, where Dubnica is mentioned as a hereditary used property of the brothers Vratslav and Piskin. In another document of 1276, Dubnica church is already mentioned. In 13th century, Dubnica had been owned by Matúš Čák and later, until half of 19th century, Dubnica was property of Illeshazy family. In the town, there are many historical sights, most important among them are early-baroque manor hourse of 1637, St. Jacob´s baroque church of 1754 and the Column of shame of 1728.

The town Dubnica nad Váhom has developed broad international friendship relations, e.g. with Vác town of Hungary, Zawadskie of Poland and Otrokovice of the Czech republic. The co-operation among the towns does not only consist of visits of self-government representatives, but also of meetings of various interest groups, institutions and companies. Most fruitful are contacts among schools and cultural and sport cooperation. In the town, there are elementary schools and 1 special school. There is also an affiliated branch of the Faculty of materials and technology in Trnava here. Children and youth develop their skills in an elementary school of arts.

The cultural life of the inhabitants of Dubnica nad Váhom, which has had rich traditions, is mainly organised by the town council Department of culture, which has its seat in culture house. The coorganisers are Ján Baltazár Magin historical society, free-time centre and town library, which is active all over the district. There are important cultural performances organised in the town, which are not only of regional, but also of whole Slovakian character. Among the most important cultural performances, there is Dubnica folk festival with international attendance, which is going to be held for the 12th time in 2005. Slovak competition for Mikuláš Senko prize, traditional Dubnica market as well as arts and crafts markets are parts of the festival. Dubnica music summer, which takes place during summer months in the town park, is also becoming a tradition.

DubnicaInformation source for the inhabitants and visitors of the town about the events happening here are local media. Dubnické noviny (published monthly by the town council), independent weekly newspapers Týždeň na Považí, Dúha – regional radio station and various student magazines published in local elementary  and secondary schools are part of them.

Dubnica nad Váhom has rich sports tradition an the development of sport is also very important these days. In the town, there are 21 active sports clubs. These form conditions not only for recreation sports, but representatives of the Slovak republic had grown up there or they take part in Slovak premier leagues or international leagues as well – football, boxing, ice-hockey, indoor football, handball, cycling, judo, skiing, athletics and others belong to the most successful sports in the town. Since 2001, there has been an artificial surface athletics track in the town stadium, whereas there are only 5 such tracks in Slovakia. Dubnica aeroclub in a nearby airport in Slávnica has also had along-time tradition.

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